Uniforms are comprised of khaki bottoms (pant, short, skort, or skirt), a forest (dark) green oxford or polo shirt, and a SpiralScouts™ neck cord. Our youth wear a Renaissance-style chocolate brown hooded capuche or a sash to display their badges and awards.

While a uniform is very much encouraged to instill a sense of group identity and purpose, the inability of a family to afford the expense shall not keep a child from participating. To this end, local area Circles, or Tribes are encouraged to maintain supplies of recyclable uniforms donated by families whose children may have outgrown them. Furthermore, there are times where wearing a uniform may be inappropriate foActivityUniformr the activity at hand; Leaders are expected to use good judgement in these cases.


The Activity Uniform

The activity uniform consists of a forest green polo shirt or short-sleeved oxford, khaki bottoms which can be shorts, long pants, skorts or skirt and a SpiralScouts™ neck cord. The activity uniform is for casual meetings, field trips, fundraising, etc.



The Dress Uniform
The dress uniform consists of a long-sleeved forest green oxford shirt, long khaki pants or skirt, and capuche (or sash). This uniform is for formal ceremonies and some activities designated by the local Tribe.




Frequently Asked Questions about Uniforms