Site Policies

SpiralScouts International Inc is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, incorporated in the state of Washington.

Trademark notice:
The program level names RainDrops, FireFlies, SpiralScouts, and PathFinders are registered Trademarks of SpiralScouts International, Inc., and may not be used without the express written permission of SpiralScouts International, Inc.
SpiralScouts International and the Aquarian Tabernacle Church jointly own the trademark rights to these names and the Spiral logo.

Copyright notice:
The material on this site may not be published nor broadcast without obtaining prior permission, unless it is published or broadcast in total, without changes or editing of any kind. Because this offer is made, the “fair use” provisions of the International Copyright Convention and U. S. copyright laws do not apply, and permission MUST be obtained to abridge this material. Permission must be sought and obtained in writing, or the material must be published in its entirety as noted above. Copyright violations are prosecuted vigorously.

Use of the SpiralScouts name and logo:
In order to protect the rights this trademark affords us, and to protect our children, we have instituted the following policies.
No one may use the names or trademarks without first having requested and received written approval from SpiralScouts International, Inc. “SpiralScouts” is a registered trademark. It is one word, and the font (whenever possible) should be Comic Sans. The SpiralScouts logo is a clockwise spiral of stars and symbols, either in color or in black and white.
Only currently chartered Circles and Hearths have license to use the SpiralScouts name and logo on any and all materials they might find useful, as long as the use is in good taste and does not detract from the overall image of SpiralScouts International, in accordance with published rules.
Chartered Circles and Hearths must inform SpiralScouts HQ of any websites they create using the SpiralScouts name. For printing and other purposes, they may request camera ready artwork from HQ.
Only approved ProtoCircles (those who are seeking to form a SpiralScouts Circle or Hearth in their area) may use our name and logo in advertising upcoming meetings and in seeking sponsors, only by prior written permission and only accoring to published rules, as long as such use is in good taste and does not detract from the overall image of SpiralScouts International.
All other uses of our name and logo  Please e-mail our CEO at for more information

E-mail Lists:
All email lists must coincide with SpiralScouts Social Media Policy and the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act.

Commonly Asked Questions About Email Lists

Social Media Policies:

Policies regarding Charters and the use of social media such as FaceBook, Yahoo!, Google +  etc for the purpose of communication within the Charter.

  1. Name must be: SpiralScouts Charter Name ###   (e.i. SpiralScouts Black Bear Circle 182).
  2. Group must be set to private (secret) and have Registered SSI members only.
  3. All Registered Members must comply with COPPA. (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act)
  4. All Registered Adults Must sign a statement that they have read, understand and agree to comply with COPPA.
  5. Must delete the group or remove the SpiralScouts Charter name if they decharter.
  6. It is suggested that all Registered Leaders be set as Administrators on the group.
  7. Must inform HQ of the group.


Privacy and Personal Information

 SpiralScouts International recognizes the desire of many Web Site visitors to protect their online privacy. SSI has provided this Web Site Privacy Statement to inform visitors to all spiralscouts.org sites of SSI’s approach to online privacy.

Collecting Personal Information

SpiralScouts™ International respects the privacy of its online visitors. Web Site visitors are not required to register or provide any personal information in order to view the site, but they are required to register in order to become a ProtoCircle, download some information, and participate in online forums. SSI will only gather information such as a visitor’s name, address, zip code, e-mail address, etc., when that visitor voluntarily submits the information.

Domain names

Our web server will automatically recognize a visitor’s domain name, but not the visitor’s e-mail address.

E-mail addresses

We collect the e-mail addresses of those who subscribe to our email lists, join our groups, and those who communicate with us via e-mail. SSI will not sell e-mail addresses, and will only share e-mail addresses with its own affiliated Tribes.

Other collected information

We collect aggregate information on what pages our visitor’s access or visit. Like most websites, our server software gathers log files of general demographic information from all users of the website. This includes browser types, IP addresses and referring domains. Any information gathered from Web Site visitors will only be used by the SpiralScouts™ International. SSI lists are never sold or loaned to third parties.


The SpiralScouts™ International Web Site uses cookies to store temporary, non-personal information. The SSI web site will not store personal or sensitive data in a cookie due to the insecure nature of cookies. Cookies are presently used on the SSI site to store the state of the navigation menu and does not store any personal or potentially sensitive information in the cookie.

Links to Other Web Sites

Links to third-party Web Sites are provided solely as a convenience to SSI Web Site visitors. If you access a web site other than the main SpiralScouts™ International (this) site, SSI assumes no responsibility for any third-party Web Site, its content or the privacy and information collection policies and practices of any other sites that you may visit via links posted on the SSI Web Site. Additionally, S*SI does not endorse nor make any representations about linked sites, or any information, software, or other products or materials found on linked sites, or any results that may be obtained from using them. If you access a third-party Web Site linked to www.spiralscouts.org you do so entirely at your own risk.

A Note to Parents

SpiralScouts™ International invites young people to learn more about this organization and, where appropriate, discover opportunities to participate in programs and attend events sponsored by SSI. However, SSI encourages parents to supervise all Internet access by their children, including access to the SSI Web Site.

Notification of Changes

If the SpiralScouts™ International Web Site changes its privacy practices, those changes will be posted on this page so you are kept informed of what information we collect, how we use it, and under what circumstances we disclose it. Please check this page for changes from time to time to make sure you are aware of our latest privacy practices.

Additional Information

If you have any questions or need additional information about the SSI Web Site Privacy Statement, please contact us at:

SpiralScouts International, Inc.
PO Box 1688
Leicester, NC 28748
Phone: 1-877-677-4725