The Green Prince’s Father

by Miles Batty

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Product Description:

Follow the pagan Green Man through the cycle of the year, as he grows from young Prince to proud King to sacrificial deity. “The Green Prince’s Father” is written for younger readers, to offer a first-hand understanding of the significance of the Sabbats and the annual cycle of life and rebirth.
88 pages

Book exerpt:

The Forest was alive with celebration as preparations were made. A clearing near a stream was chosen as the perfect place, flower garlands were carefully strung, and the ground picked clean of sharp rocks or twigs. The Green Prince was given a special cloak of oak leaves and ivy, flowers were hung in his antlers, and people’s fur and feathers were washed extra carefully. The birds made sure that the clouds were especially friendly today, and the sun was invited.
People came from all over the Forest – foxes and bears and owls and chipmunks and robins and squirrels and wolves and skunks and snakes and crows and deer and magpies and rabbits and bobcats and spiders and many more, all gathered in the clearing to watch the wedding.

About the Author

Miles Batty was born in Birmingham, England, and has lived in England, Wales, Canada and the United States. He first discovered WitchCraft in 1974, and began serious study of the Craft a few years later. He became ordained Wiccan clergy in 2001, and served as a Coven High Priest for four years. Mr Batty lives in North Carolina, with his girlfriend, Heather, his ball-python familiar, Muladhara, and assorted dogs, cats and frogs.

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