Magick for the Kitchen Witch

by Deanna Anderson


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Product Description

Magick for the Kitchen Witch is a comprehensive book discussing everything from basic spell casting to rituals honoring various Gods and Goddesses. Learn where to find inspiration and how to write spells, read about folkloric witches, and also learn about different cultural and religious influence in Kitchen Witchery.

This book showcases many spells that fit perfectly with any earth-based spiritual path and can be used by beginners or long-time practitioners and adapted by a wide variety of beliefs. Whether you buy it for the magickal reference or the folkloric fun, it is a must in any witch’s library.

  • Category: Wicca/Witchcraft
  • Pages: 144
  • Genre: Reference

Excerpt from the book

All that a Kitchen Witch needs in order to consider themselves one is to believe that the kitchen is the heart of the home. In older times, the hearth (or fireplace) was the center of the home because it was the source of heat and for cooking. Without a fireplace, a home was nothing. Often the living rooms and kitchen were all one room with a bed often being tucked away in one corner. The belief that the kitchen is the heart of the home stems from this once common practice. Today, our rooms are separate from each other and many homes don’t even have fireplaces let alone have one in their kitchen. The kitchen stove replaces the fireplace for cooking and the heater replaces it for warmth.

About the Author

Married and the mom of two daughters, Deanna spends her days between working full-time with the disabilities board of her county, her family and writing. She lives in South Carolina for the moment but grew up in Wisconsin and lived for twelve years in New Mexico. She feels that the different cultural lifestyles have given her an open-minded perspective. Deanna has been pagan since her college years, but only started practicing three years ago. Since then she has mainly been on a Kitchen Witch path with influences from Roma (Gypsy), Greek, Roman, Nordic, Celtic and Wiccan traditions. Her favorite spells are simple and down-to-earth with items that can be found around the home or in nature.

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