Goddess Coloring Book

by Amber K.

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Product Description:

Amber K.’s Goddess Coloring Book “Isis and Brigit, Kwan Yin and Yemaya and Pachamama– thirty goddesses from around the world provide coloring fun for children and adults alike. Each page has artwork by Amber K and a brief description of the goddess shown. The cover depicts Hecate as lightbearer.”


About the Author/Artist

Amber K. is an ordained High Priestess of the Wiccan religion, who was initiated and received her early training at The Temple of the Pagan Way in Chicago. She is a former editrix of both Circle Network News and The C.O.G. Newsletter, and her writings on the Craft have been widely circulated in the United States, Canada and Europe. She has served as National First Officer and National Publications Officer of The Covenant of the Goddess, which is an international federation of Wiccan covens and solitaries of various traditions. She is now a High Priestess with our Lady of the Woods.

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