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What is a Tribe?
All the Charters and registered Members in a particular area (a US state, for example) make up a Tribe.

Is there a Tribe already set up for my area?
Tribes have been named in all 50 US states and 14 Canadian provinces and territories. Check with your Tribe’s e-mail list for more info.

What is a Tribal Coordinator?
Tribal Coordinators are volunteers who act as the official point of contact for a Tribe. For the most part, they have limited roles, and must create a Tribal council with representatives from the Circles and Hearths in their Tribe before taking on larger projects.

We have enough Circles and Hearths to form a Tribal Council—what do we do now?
Be prepared to provide at least three people willing to be officers (Chair – Tribal Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer) and someone who is willing to use their address as the registered office for the Tribe. All information for creating a Tribal Council is available to the Tribal Coordinator in the Tribal Council Handbook.   SpiralScouts International’s Head Office will be able to help you with the appropriate paperwork for your area.