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What do sponsors do?
Sponsors provide help to a Circle or Hearth. This may be in the form of monetary contributions, volunteer time, meeting space, or other resources the Circle or Hearth needs. Sponsors may also be secured for a specific event or activity.

How does our Circle/Hearth get a sponsor?
Sponsors should be solicited from within your community. These can be businesses, groups, or organizations that are friendly to interfaith or non-mainstream faith philosophies, such as Pagan businesses or Unitarian Universalist churches. When soliciting a sponsor, consider the benefits both parties will receive from the relationship.

Do we have to have a sponsor to charter a Circle/Hearth?
No, you do not have to have a sponsor to charter a Circle or Hearth. If you acquire a sponsor after you charter, you may add your sponsor at any time. Contact SpiralScouts™ International to let them know.

Can we change sponsors?
Sure. Please notify SpiralScouts™ International of any charter changes.

Can we have more than one sponsor?