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Since SpiralScouts was started by the Aquarian Tabernacle Church, does that mean it’s Wiccan?
Yes, however, please refer to the other questions in this section for a more complete answer.

What if my child isn’t Wiccan—can he or she still be in SpiralScouts?
Of course. SpiralScouts does not discriminate on the basis of religion, gender, sexual preference, ethnicity, race, age, etc. Children and families can be of any religion or no religion at all.

How does coed scouting allow us to teach women’s mysteries to girls and men’s mysteries to boys?
SpiralScouts, while Pagan in origin, does not teach religion per se. Rather, it teaches a way of viewing the world so that children may cultivate their beliefs on their own.  Specific religious teachings are left up to the parents.

What if I want to create a single-gender Circle?
SpiralScouts has as one of its founding principles the idea that people of both genders live together, work together, and play together, and that encouraging coed activities for children in a positive, supportive environment enables them to more easily work with others in the sometimes not-so-positive and unsupportive environments we must live, work, and play in as adults. For this reason, any Circle or Hearth chartered by SpiralScouts International must be, by definition, open to free participation by scouts and leaders of all genders and orientations, both on paper and in reality.

Is SpiralScouts just a pagan Sunday school?
No, SpiralScouts is anything but a Pagan Sunday school. It is meant to be an organization where parents are actively involved with their children, rather than someplace parents leave their kids while doing other things. SpiralScouts does not teach any specific religion. While there are awards available that might be specific to one or more faiths, they are not required, nor is it required that anyone in the organization follow a specific faith, or, indeed, any faith at all.