Non-Profit Status

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What is SpiralScouts’ status?
SpiralScouts International is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

Does my Circle or Hearth have to pay sales tax on supplies?
This varies by state and country. Check with your local government—your local department of revenue or similar offices would be able to specify. Usually, this requires filling out paperwork showing that your organization is a non-profit organization.

Are donations to SpiralScouts tax deductible?
Depending on your tax situation, probably. Canada and the United States have a reciprocal agreement so that most organizations that are non-profit in one country are also non-profit in the other. Because of government regulations on deductions, receipts for donations must be requested from SpiralScouts HQ for any donation that is intended to be claimed as a tax deduction. For further information, ask your accountant or tax preparer.

Are donations to a specific Circle tax deductible?
Ask your accountant or tax preparer to be sure. SpiralScouts International HQ can issue a receipt for donations for this purpose.