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Why do you require two leaders?
There are several reasons for requiring two leaders for each Circle. First and foremost is safety—there should always be two adults so that if something happens, one can get help while the other stays behind. Further, in accordance with the SpiralScouts philosophy, having two leaders, preferably one of each gender, helps to demonstrate the gender equality that is so important to our program.

Can a Hearth have just one leader?
Yes, because all of the children are the children of that leader.

How many scouts can we have before we need more leaders?
For RainDrops, there must be one additional Registered Adult for every 5 Scouts.
For FireFlies, there must be one additional Registered Adult for every 5 Scouts.
For SpiralScouts, the ratio is one additional Registered Adult for every 7 Scouts.
For PathFinders, there must be one additional Registered Adult for every 12 Scouts.

Can two women or two men lead a Circle?
As long as those two feel they can be equitable to children of both genders and teach respect for the opposite gender, then this is acceptable. Transsexual and transgender leaders are welcome, provided again that they honor our commitment to teaching their scouts to respect and honor both genders. It would be ideal to have adults of the opposite gender involved as volunteers.

Is there leader training available?
A leader training program is currently in development, the first portions of which are now available. Training comprised of an online course is currently available, and workshops may eventually be made available in person as the number of Charters grows.

I’ve never been a scout and am not sure what to do during meetings. What leader support does SpiralScouts offer?
Currently SpiralScouts’ Registered Adult e-mail list serves as great networking tools for leaders. You are free to ask questions on the list. A private leaders’ area on this site is available for registered SpiralScouts leaders and provides resources of all kinds.