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Does SpiralScouts provide group insurance?
Yes, SpiralScouts provides insurance to US Charters to cover scouts & registered adults when they participate in SpiralScouts activities. We do not provide coverage to foreign charters at this time.

What does the insurance cover?
The personal coverage of the scout’s parents serves as primary coverage. SpiralScouts insurance is a secondary program. The insurance covers accidents and injuries occurring at or while traveling to or from SpiralScouts events.

Are visiting non-members covered?
No, they are not covered. Only registered members (both children and adults) who are current and have a signed liability form on file with SpiralScouts International are covered.

Can my Circle get an insurance certificate so that we can use a specific meeting place?
Yes. Please contact our Head Office. There is no charge for a copy of the certificate. However, if the meeting place specifically wants to be listed on the policy, there is a $35 fee.