Badges and Other Awards

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Badges and Other Awards

What Badges are available?
A partial list of Badges is available. Since new Badges are always in development, this list should not be taken as a complete list.

How do I get information on Badges?
Once a Circle or Hearth is chartered, the leaders of the group will be invited to the SpiralScouts Registered Adults forum and have access to the SpiralScouts leaders resource page, where they can download handbooks to print themselves, or order pre-printed copies from SpiralScouts Shoppe.

How do I suggest a new Badge?
By visiting the Badge Idea Submission Page of the website—links can be found in the leaders area of the site.

How are Badge requirements structured?
Badges are categorized by Element. Each Badge has a listing of activities—usually two or three are required, and then the Scout must pick a certain number of the remaining optional activities to earn the Badge.

How do I order Badges and Awards?
Orders for Badges and Awards can be made through the SpiralScouts Shoppe page or by calling SpiralScouts International.

How much do the Badges and Awards cost?
At this time, the cost for Badges and Awards  varies between $3.00  – $6.00 USD.

Do we have to provide proof to SpiralScouts HQ that the Scout did indeed earn this badge?
No, this is the responsibility of the individual Charter leaders. If, for example, you have a special needs child who is unable to make an oral presentation to his/her circle, as per badge requirements, you as Charter leader are free to modify this requirement to fit the needs of your Scout and/or Circle.

How can I get the Badge requirements?
Scout handbooks can be downloaded by registered leaders, or ordered from SpiralScouts International through the website.