Vow, Promise, Pledge, and Oath

The Vow, Promise, Oath, and Pledge represent the values that SpiralScouts strives to teach its youth members.

The RainDrop™ Vow:
I make this vow
to remind me now
to be kind and good
like a RainDrop should.

The FireFly™ Promise:
I promise to serve the Wise Ones,
To Honor and respect Mother Earth,
To be helpful and understanding toward all people,
And always keep love in my heart.

The SpiralScout™ Oath:
A SpiralScout shall:
Respect all living things;
be kind and courteous;
be honorable;
be mindful of his/her words;
seek out knowledge in all forms;
recognize the beauty in all of creation;
offer assistance to others;
value honesty and truth;
honor personal commitments;
and respect the Divine in all things.

The PathFinder™ Pledge:
I pledge myself to the RainDrop Vow,
The FireFly Promise, the SpiralScout Oath,
And the fulfillment of my commitments,
Made to myself and others.
I pledge to serve my brothers and sisters, as I am able,
On our many journeys around the sun together
As I find my way through the world.

Many people ask about various phrases used here. When we say “Wise Ones,” we mean any source of wisdom in our lives, from parents and teachers to Gods and Goddesses. It is up to each individual member to determine who these Wise Ones are for themselves. “Serve” here is not used in the sense of servile, but in the sense of making sure that our acts are in the best interest of, and in line with the wisdom provided by, the Wise Ones. Service in and of itself is not a bad thing; service to the community is an integral part of the SpiralScouts program.