Sample Badges

Here are some of the topics that our Awards and Badges currently cover: Camping, Knot Tying, First Aid, Home Fire Safety, Community Service, Swimming, Sports, Astronomy, Gardening, Birding, Mythology, Leadership, Geology, Manifestation, Recycling, Ecology, Academic Achievement, Innovation, Cooking, Fiber Arts, Music Performance, Music Appreciation, Sewing, Drama, Drumming, Hiking, Nutrition, Photography.


Here is the Gold Club Award, usually the first award scouts work on when they join.
Here is the Recycling Award

Badges are leveled with requirements of different complexity for the dfferent age ranges (RainDrops, FireFlies, SpiralScouts and PathFinders)
Here is the Music Appreciation Badge.
Here is the Gardening Badge.
Here is the Nutrition and Food Safety Badge.