One question almost everyone asks when inquiring about the SpiralScouts program is, “What do you do?” We teach respect for the Earth, respect for each other, and respect for all living things. We teach gender equality by welcoming children of both genders and requiring that both genders be represented in leadership. We make crafts, sing songs, teach woodland lore, participate in service projects, explore cultures outside of our own, celebrate the Earth, teach good citizenship, go camping and hiking, explore mythologies, take on personal challenges, put on plays, participate in community events, earn badges, and grow and learn together.

Formally, SpiralScouts work with their Circles and individually to earn badges and activity award pins. Each child registered in SpiralScouts is offered the opportunity to earn a variety of badges that they can proudly display on their uniform. Several sample Badges are available for you to view.

Additionally, Circles and Hearths are encouraged to explore the world around them and to suggest new awards based on their own interests and activities.

Activities are based on the needs and interests of the children of a Circle or Hearth. This is a program designed to be lead by the children, with leaders serving as guides. Each SpiralScouts group is given flexibility to modify its programming, depending on the needs of its members. Some Circles may focus on teaching values within a religious setting, while others may be more secular in nature. Still other Circles may do more nature and ecological activities.

If you are interested in membership, your family is more than welcome to visit a local Circle and attend a meeting or two to learn firsthand about SpiralScouts before making a commitment to join.