About SpiralScouts

SpiralScouts is based on the idea of children and parents of both genders working together. Our program encourages girls and boys to learn, play, and work together under the direction of leaders of both genders as a way of showing by example that both men and women are capable and cooperative leaders.

Further, we encourage the entire family to be involved in SpiralScouts together. This helps older children practice their leadership skills with relation to younger members, and provides younger children with the benefit of looking up to individuals who are more like peers, who understand their perspectives in a way that adults may have a hard time doing.

SpiralScouts thrives on child-directed activities based on a globally-oriented philosophy of religious tolerance and interfaith cooperation, personal responsibility, and ecological education and conservation, in order to help our children learn to grow into strong, competent members of society and citizens of the world. In order to foster these skills, we believe that the children should make as many of the decisions as possible when it comes to the activities they do and how SpiralScouts works for them. Adult leaders should facilitate this process, not dictate it.

Membership in SpiralScouts, for children and leaders, is open to all who are willing to take part in this very hands-on organization, regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical limitations, or any other similar condition. We believe that personal orientations are just that—personal—and that only experience, skill, and the safety of our children should determine the suitability of any individual as a SpiralScouts leader.

All prospective leaders are screened for safety concerns, but apart from the basics of child welfare, there are no limitations on who can be involved in SpiralScouts. SpiralScouts also fosters the emotional growth of our children, and helps leaders and children discover activities designed to teach children to be independent and to hone their leadership and decision-making skills.

Our program encourages children to know themselves, to become introspective, and to honor and respect others who may be different. It also teaches them life skills necessary to maintain stable lives and lasting relationships. We owe our children nothing less. Further, the SpiralScouts philosophy includes teaching about all the world’s cultures from all time periods (including its many mythologies), and about the diversity of faiths, both ancient and modern.

The program is constructed so that religious-based aspects of it are friendly to other faiths and may be easily adapted or omitted to fit the goals of each particular Hearth or Circle, as the needs and faith(s) of the group demand.

Last but far from least, the SpiralScouts program is designed to enable small Hearths, to have a single-family, perhaps even single-child, program of their own, that still benefits from and is supported by an organized international youth program that is open and accepting of religious beliefs and family structures that may not be mainstream.

We hope that you will join us on this exciting adventure, and we welcome your suggestions, criticisms, and compliments. We provide the framework, but it is each Circle or Hearth that determines the details of the scouting experience they ultimately have. SpiralScouts is literally what you make of it. The whole organization—from local groups to the international level—needs the input and cooperation of all its members to continue to grow and meet the needs of current and future generations of SpiralScouts.